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A.S.P. Painting, Blasting & Detailing has been in business since 1999. We began as a mobile company. We traveled detailing heavy equipment for auction companies. In 2012, we took the opportunity to re-locate in Butner, North Carolina. At a new Ritchie Brothers Auctioneer facility.

At this facility we have the latest equipment available to perform all of our services.

Butner, North Carolina - Richie Brothers Auctioneer

It begins in the wash area. The new Oil Trap Recycle System treats and cleans all water used in the cleaning of your equipment.

Then we move into our well equipped blast room. Which has filtered dust collectors that controls the emissions of pollutants into the air. We use a non-toxic garnet material that is recycled and re-used. All waste is disposed of properly.

After the blasting process we move it into our prep room. There we begin another very important stage of a great paint job. We hand sand any necessary places. We mask and tape all areas we do not want painted, (hoses, cylinders and windows, etc.).

Then we move the equipment into our state of the art paint booth. A primer is applied and then a fresh coat of paint. The booth is equipped with different types of filters to help control the emissions of pollutants.

The final stage is in our post prep room. This is where all paper and tape are removed, new decals are applied to the freshly painted equipment. Cabs are detailed as well.


Whether maintaining a professional image or preparing to sell, our facility will restore your equipment to its original appearance.

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990 WLR  Before
990 WLR Before

990 WLR After
990 WLR After


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PRESSURE WASHING A.S.P. Painting, Blasting & Detailing offers a variety of different pressure washing and detailing solutions. Just let us know what your exact needs are we will work with you to help you get the most value for your equipment. DETAILING

Some of our most popular specialities for pressure washing include the following, heavy equipment, semi trucks and fleet washing.

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